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BASIC BATH: Double shampoo, coat conditioner, ear cleaning, towel dry massage plus blow dry, nail trim and brush out.

TOTAL SPA GROOM: Includes the above bathe, plus haircut/shave, or complete de-shed with furminator or dematt (based on one hour coming - highly matted is additional fee).

Small dog/cat (less than 25 pounds): 
Basic Bath: $25
Complete Groom: $40

Medium (25-50 pounds):
Basic Bath: $35
Complete Groom: $50

Large (50 pounds and up):
Basic Bath: $40
Complete Groom: $60

Breed specific show cuts extra. Prices based on coat condition.
A La Carte
Nail Trim: $10
Nail Dremel: $15
Nail Paint: $5
Flea Shampoo: $5
Special Shampoo: $5
Flea Spot On: $5
Teeth Brushing: $5
Deep Ear Clean or Pluck: $5
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We offer boarding for dogs and cats for $22/night or $40/night discount for two dogs.
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We offer pet daycare for $15/day, which includes playtime and feeding if necessary.